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In this section we will be adding real stories written by people who practice Sahaja Yoga regularly (whether for many years or just months) as well as letters we received from people who just discovered Sahaja Yoga, or want to share what they felt while visiting our site. Some are short notes, and some are astoundingly personal letters describing events in the lives of the authors which took our breath away.
We encourage everyone who has had an experience in Sahaja Yoga to share it with us by sending us email or by simply filling the online form. The identities of all contributors will be protected if requested.

My experience in SY has been tremendous. Before coming to SY, I was following a very wrong path and I was almost on the brink of destruction. Then I met a friend who introduced me to SY and gave realization. I felt the top of my head become very cool and I felt a peace which I had never before experienced in my life. I knew that Mother had redeemed me. After coming into collectivity, I have met such beautiful and loving people that I cannot describe -       Jitesh Singh-Software Engineer,Oracle

“I started doing Sahaj Yoga from April 1994.It has brought about various changes in me. I was suffering from Asthma and Blood Pressure. From 1983 I had Asthama,but it has got completely cured without using any medicine. My overall personality has improved and at workplace I am able to deal with different kinds of people very well. All problems come from thinking and in sahajyoga the way we start looking at things change.”                                 A.K.Jha, BHEL

We thank Shri Mataji very much for our initiation into Sahaja Yoga. We have recently started Sahaja Yoga. We would like to say to all the people who follow Sahaja Yoga as a way of life that we are deeply grateful for all the work that makes us more able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Each day of ours provides an example of situations, which would have either troubled, annoyed or stymied us before, but for which we now have the capacity to handle in an appropriate way. We feel extremely fortunate to have Sahaja Yoga as a vital part of our lives. -   Praveen & Sangeetha,Pollution control dept.

“I did not believe in Sahaja yoga when my family used to do it. In 1996 I had a heart problem. The doctor advised me to do Angiogram. There was 65% block in one of the arteries and 95% block on Arota. The blood was reaching the kidney but did not flow to the legs .So I was not able to walk. I started doing Sahaja Yoga and my ailment got completely cured .I stopped smoking completely without forcing myself. Total surrender in the feet of Shri Mataji can solve our problems”      - Jayant Joshi,Entrepreneur

“As I am a teacher I have to tackle even very notorious children with lot of patience and I am able to do it quite well from the time I am practicing Sahaja Yoga. The students also like doing and knowing about it. I tell them about how it helps us to be in balance, improves our health etc. Before doing Sahaja Yoga I used to react a lot but now I don’t react .Moreover I feel I can understand and interact better with others.” -                                                                                                                       - Mrs.Rajeshwari ,Teacher

I came to Sahaj when I was already pursuing a corporate career. And then I would always imagine Yoga or Meditation as just a Stress Management Subject from a corporate perspective. But with my practice over a period of time, now I can see so many of its key utilities. And by my judgment, it’s probably the most complete solution available to the demands & problems of corporate lives. Just to name a few, I myself have realized its tremendous effectiveness in areas like Time management, Creativity at Job, Leadership Skills, Work-Life Balance, Interpersonal skills & many more. And all my fellow corporate friends would surely agree that these are essential qualities for success at workplace. So why don’t you test it out yourself, what I have already tasted!!!!
                                                            - Mr. Nalini Ranjan Mohanty,Senior Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

I have been practicing sahaj yoga since 1981 as a student. By the grace of Shri Mataji,
I completed my M.Tech in Aerospace engineering from IIT, Kanpur during my tenure at Jorhat Air Base in Assam. I have experienced several miracles after coming to sahaj yoga.
One of the miracles I experienced follows:

Our aircraft took off from the forward base for a routine sortie. After climbing to an
Altitude of 18000 ft above MSL, one of the engine suddenly started malfunctioning and
Abruptly got switched off. Due to this, entire airframe veered to left side with unbalanced Rolling moment. The other engine also started making unusual noise creating panic among the crew. We almost thought that this is the end. Of course, we did try all emergency procedures, But it did not bring any ray of hope. Somehow, I managed to remain calm and closed my eyes and Prayed to Shri Mataji those if it was her desire to bring this event then It is accepted in the right spirit. I had a strong belief and faith that wherever we are In the domain of time and space, she is with us. After one hour we managed to make Emergency landing amidst turbulence, chaos and despair. As I write this experience, I am feeling the love of Shri Mataji for her children in Sahaj.
                                                                                                       - Nirmal Patel,Squadron Leader(IAF)

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