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Sahaja Yoga Regional Seminar & Shri ADI Guru Puja 2016
With the Blessings and Grace of our GURU and DIVINE MOTHER SHRI MATAJI, the Regional Seminar is being organized by Andhra Pradesh Collectivity on behalf of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust. The PUJA shall be offered at the Lotus Feet of our GURU on 17th July 2016 as per programme given below. Please click here to view the details.

Sahaja Yoga Recognized in the Wellness Week conducted by Mahindra Satyam
11 Apr, 2011:Sahaja Yoga corporate team has participated in the 'Wellness Week' organized at Mahindra Satyam. This participation and recognition only goes to prove the benefits being reaped by many people in the corporates through Sahaja Yoga meditation. Please click here to view the certificate.

[Upcoming Programme] Sahaja Yoga Public programme at Ravindra Bharathi
10 June, 2011:A Mega public programme is being planned at Ravindra Bharathi on June 10th, 2011 to enable several hundreds of seekers achieve their Self Realization. All Sahaja Yogis are requested to give wide publicity of the same.

21 Public programmes organized in and around Hyderabad
26 - 27 Mar, 2011:Several Truth seekers took to their Self Realization in and around Hyderabad in 21 public programmes conducted simultaneously. More than 3500 seekers attended the self realization programmes and experienced the inner Peace through the awakening of the Kundalini energy present within.

SHRI MATAJI conveys her love and blessings to Sahaj Family
AP Collective are at Joy having received Sir C.P's message on the Yuva Express And Advancement of SahajaYoga in Andhra Pradesh. The Message is as below:
Many many thanks for your most heartening message about the unprecedented achievement of the Yuva Shaktis of Hyderabad in enabling as many as 20,000 students to attain their Self-Realization. I have just read out your message to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and she was extremely pleased to hear of this exceptionally thrilling advancement of SAHAJA YOGA among the beloved youth of Hyderabad. SHE wants HER love and blessings to be conveyed to Ram Mohanji and all others who achieved such unprecedented success in spreading the SAHAJA YOGA message of pure love for all.
This is a thrilling achievement which will provide an excellent model for the Yuva Shakti of the entire country.
SHRI MATAJI conveys her love and blessings to you and your family and to all her children who are advancing the message of SAHAJA YOGA.
I join SHRI MATAJI in conveying my immense joy and admiration to Ram Mohanji and all members of the Hyderabad Yuva Shakti for their thrilling success in advancing SHRI MATAJI'S message of pure love for all.

Self Realization programmes at Sri Chaitanya Junior Colleges
20 Feb, 2010:More than 4,000 students of Sri Chaitanya Junior College had the experience of Self Realization. Sahaja Yoga programmes were spread across more than 5 branches located in and around Kukkatpally. Follow-up programmes are continuously being conducted since then. Several hundred students across Sri Chaitanya branches continue to take Self Realization.

Yuva Express
23 - 26 Jan, 2010:Hyderabad Yuvashakti were instrumental in this Mega event where approximately 20,000 students took to their Self Realization across several districts in Andhra Pradesh. Students cut across all ages and regions - From 7th standard to post graduates And right from Chittor to Adilabad had the experience of Peace & Bliss through Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Having been blessed with such a grand success, Yogis and Yoginis propose to take it up in a bigger way very soon.

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