Sahaja Yoga News... Attend the Self Realisation programme every Saturday at Hindi Maha Vidyalaya, Near Andhra Mahila Sabha, Vidyanagar at 6.30 pm.

SAHAJA YOGA is a simple technique of SELF REALISATION created by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Human being, in search of peace, happiness and joy wander in all spheres of life, performing rituals, visiting temples, mosques and Churches. But every thing is at grass root level. The real source of joy resides within everybody's heart as the SELF (the Atma) which is the reflection of God. This fact has been disclosed to masses by the realised saints and Divine incarnations who came on this earth. They all have advocated to achieve SELF REALISATION. Now the time has come to actualize self realization & God-realisation through SAHAJA YOGA perfected by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It has already manifested in many genuine seekers of the world, irrespective of one's religion, caste, country, gender and social status.

"Saha" means 'with', "Ja" means 'born', "Yoga" means union with the all pervading power of Divine love. Sahaja (=spontaneous) Yoga (=union with the divine) leads our awareness beyond the limits of our 'ego and conditionings' into the realm of reality beyond these two states of mind. This change can actually be felt when we meditate. We can feel a release from our everyday awareness as we enter into a higher state of being whereby we can see things for 'what they are worth'. In addition to the physical and emotional sense of well being all of us can achieve through the meditation, those who wish to go deeper can experience a spiritual evolution which takes place effortlessly. Just as a seed is transformed spontaneously into a great tree, our physical, mental and emotional balancing process is carried out effortlessly in meditation.

SAHAJA YOGA not only gives SELF-REALISATION , but also transforms the individual into beautiful personality. It gives the power of inner transformation. Its effects are positive and benefits are immense which start manifesting with regular meditation practices. You achieve complete integration of body, mind, intellect and soul and experience thoughtless awareness and attain complete peace and bliss. Your physical, mental and emotional phases are balanced. After awakening, the Kundalini Shakti manifests in your personality as cool breeze of vibrations and you get KAYA- KALPA (Physical well being or health). All kinds of diseases including those incurable once which are beyond the reach of medical science, are cured. All problems, individual, family, social and economical are solved gradually. There are innumerable evidence of SAHAJA YOGA and its curative powers, and transformed their lives beautifully.

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